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  1. Top 50 Crypto Exchanges to Trade Your Cryptocurrencies in 2020 (Part 1)

    According to data from, there are over 5,137 cryptocurrencies in existence today. They operate in over 20,000 markets, with over 300 registered cryptocurrency exchanges.

    With so many platforms available where you can buy and sell digital coins, it's easy to get stuck when choosing the best exchange to begin your cryptocurrency journey.

    In this piece, I have tried to compile a list of the top 50 exchanges in 2020 based on actual trading volumes, accessibility ...
  2. Countdown to Profits Scam !!

    • Name: Countdown to Profits
    • Website:
    • Creator: Richard Paul
    • Price: $97 (+ upsells)
    • Rating: 1/10 (Pretty obvious scam in my opinion. The only reason I gave it a 1 is because I havenít purchased it to do a complete review, and my reason for that is because its an obvious scam)

    I really hope you are taking the time to do ...
  3. PokeMoney Review Ė Is A SCAM!

    PokeMoney is such a lie. They make big promises with your returns on investment, but donít trust them. In this PokeMoney review Iíll be going over a few things to show you that this place is nothing more than a scam.

    Lets first take a look at these outrageous profits they claim you will make.

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    The Profits They Claim Are Impossible

    They promise a fixed return percentage for all ...
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