Hello all....

71. EnvatoStudio: EvantoStudio (formerly FreelanceSwitch) is a place where developers and other freelance creatives can find work opportunities. You have to apply to be a service provider, then you can set your own price through the platform.

72. Behance: Behance offers a job board for creative professionals such as graphic designers, digital artists, and more. You can find a job based on your location, skills, and other qualifications.

73. ArtWanted: Are you an artist looking to get paid for your work? Join ArtWanted, an online community to showcase your work and network with other artists. Art you post on the site can be purchased as original work so you earn some profits!

74. DesignHill: DesignHill calls itself the world’s largest graphic design marketplace. Customers post design contests to the site that freelance designers can submit to. Whichever design is chosen gets a pre-defined monetary reward.

75. Coroflot: Coroflot is catered to creative professionals. Designers post their portfolios to the site and companies post their job openings. Coroflot will make the connections.

76. Dribble: A job board for designers. Employers have to pay a several hundred dollar fee to start posting jobs, so you know they’re serious (and have some money to spend).

77. Juiiicy: Juiicy is private online community for freelance designers. Here you can find jobs and get referral opportunities from your designer peers.

If those job categories weren’t enough for you, here are a couple more specialty sites to help you find very specific job opportunities:

78. Toptal: Toptal is catered to businesses looking for talent in the finance industry, including consultants, financial modeling and valuation, fundraising, market research, and more. You have to apply to the site to become one of their freelance finance experts.

79. Traction: If you’re a marketing professional on the lookout for brands or advertisers to work with, then you’ll want to check out Traction. This platform will help set you up with potential clients as one of their marketing partners.