How to buy litecoin in four steps!

You might hear from some "litecoiners" that you have to jump through hoops to buy litecoin. When actually looking into it, you will find that options have recently grown for consumers in many different countries. With the Snapcard Bitcoin wallet, you’re able to Buy Bitcoins with ACH transfers with a extremely low 0.5% processing fee.

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1. Sign up to the SNAPCARD Wallet.
You're able to sign up to the SNAPCARD Litecoin Wallet using your phone number, name, and e-mail address.

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2. Connect your bank account.
When prompted, you're able to connect your bank account to the SNAPCARD Litecoin Wallet. This allows you to start buying litecoin.

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3. Buy litecoin.
After adding your bank account, you're able to start buying litecoin. SNAPCARD has excellent customer support available to help you with any problems.

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4. Store or send your new litecoin.
Now that you own litecoin, you're able to store your bitcoin on the SNAPCARD Litecoin Wallet or you're able to send/receive your new litecoin. Welcome to this fasinating economy.

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