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    Start: February,19 2019


    About already long time is engaged in studying and work in the direction of direct investment on securities market. Experts developed a number of measures for increase in number of institutional investors, such as insurance companies, private voluntary funds, the state pension funds. Participation of our team in work of securities market has almost zero degree of risk, investments into our project are equated to bank deposits.
    Investment plan:

    150% - 300% After 1 Day
    200% After 1 Hour

    Min/Max deposit: 10$/10,000$

    Refferal: 2%

    Pay. systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer

    Gold Coders Script

    SSL Certificate

    DDOS Protection

    Check and register

    Payment recieved
    03.19.2019, 11:46
    Batch: 251609739
    Received Payment 1.80 USD from
    Memo: Withdrawal to

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    Not paying anymore.

    Do not spend here.

    Protect yourself staying away of this scam site!


    Больше не платить.

    Не проводите здесь.

    Защитите себя от этого сайта мошенничества!

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