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  1. What Is the Best Time of Day to Claim Rewards on Alchemix?

    This week, Flipside Crypto analyzes the best time of day to collect rewards on a DeFi lending protocol.

    Alchemix is a DeFi lending protocol that presents a new way of paying back debt. It uses the yield earned from the deposit to amortize the users’ debt. The longer you leave your deposit, the more yield you can earn and consequently have more of your loan paid back.

    At a high level, Alchemix works like this:

    You make a deposit (your collateral) to the ...

    Updated 04-24-2021 at 09:57 PM by AirbornE

  2. What Is the Future of Cryptocurrency? (2021 and Beyond)

    What does cryptocurrency's past tell us about cryptocurrency's future?

    Depending on who you ask about the future of cryptocurrency, you’ll get a different answer. Some analysts seem concerned about the risks that lie ahead, while others are confident that cryptocurrency has a stable role in our future.

    Optimists may have a good reason to maintain their positive outlook. Despite the COVID pandemic and all of the economic chaos we’ve experienced this year, Bitcoin's mid-November ...
  3. A New Crypto Use Case: Betting on an American Nightmare

    How people abroad are betting on Trump refusing to leave the White House.

    Green means the price went up. Red, the price went down. And when the price goes up, that means more people are betting that Trump will still be in the White House come February 2021.

    These bets are ...
  4. Pound to Euro (GBP/EUR) Exchange Rate Falls Despite Weak German Trade Data in April

    GBP/EUR Exchange Rate Dips as Eurozone GDP Edges Slightly Higher in First Quarter The Pound to Euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rate is currently trading around €1.12 this morning, with pairing down by -0.3% from the opening rates despite a slew of negative Eurozone economic data. The Euro (EUR) managed to edge higher against Sterling despite Germany’s […]
  5. Japanese traders gird for Fed to anchor yields, clip dollar's wings

    By Stanley White

    TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese investors have clipped the wings of a resurgent U.S. dollar as they position for the likelihood that the U.S. Federal Reserve will take steps to flatten the Treasury yield curve.

    Ahead of the Fed's two-day policy meeting that ends on Wednesday, speculation is growing that the U.S. central bank might adopt yield targets on bonds, or some other measures to anchor long-term yields.
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